Math Circular – Medium - Ένα περιοδικό για Μαθηματικούς κύκλους.

Math Circular – Medium


The Math Circle Network ( is proud to bring you the first issue of Math Circular, a magazine for leaders and members of Math Circles and other math engagement programs:

Math Circular is the successor to the long-running MTCircular magazine of the Math Teachers' Circle Network. It has been renamed to reflect our more inclusive focus on programs for students, families, and communities, in addition to teachers!

In this issue:

  • Circles With No Center, by Nick Grener, Fred Peck, and Matt Roscoe. On the benefits of math circles with no facilitators.
  • Math and Fairness, by Kyle R. Evans and Megan Staples. Math as a key tool for determining fairness in our society.
  • Building a Community of Professional Learners, by Teresa K. Dunleavy, Jennifer N. Lovett, Elizabeth K. Metts, and Shannon N. Reider. Mathematical play that spans educational boundaries.
  • San Jose Math Circle: Involving Students in the Power and Beauty of Mathematics, by Molly A. Walker. A profile of one of the nation’s oldest math circles, with its beginnings in 1998.

We hope you enjoy the magazine! As always, you can contact us by email with any questions, comments, or ideas for future articles.

See you online, and happy problem solving!

The Math Circle Network Team



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